My name is Justina Nekrašaitė. I am a print photographer. I am driven by the smell of the ink, endless paper options, foil and embossing.

It is a beautiful and challenging journey to understand, capture and represent books, posters, magazines in their own character.

For more information on my work, regarding commissions feel free to get in touch.

+31 (0) 6 174 818 79


The Book Photographer is based in Amsterdam.


Anne Frank House, A&DS photo magazine, Sara Bjarland, Barbpontwerp, Nina Glockner, Dieuwertje Hehewerth,
De Monsterkamer,
Karen Hackenberg,
Reynoud Homan,
Michaël Snitker, 
Paul Cupido,
Ricky Rijkenberg,
Studio Asja Keeman, 
Tina De Souter,


Clien Wintzen, Anna Maria Fink, Jansen, LekkerOntwerpen, Lefhebbers Brand Design,  NEMO Science Museum,
Oscar Flier Quality Graphics,
Rupert Parker Brady, 
Vanessa van Dam, 
Verena Hauschke,
weiw publishers  


I am always impressed with her detailed way of looking at a book, she has a unique way of capturing the physical characteristics of a book. The way you, as a client, are still involved in the selection of the images is also a plus. This way you also get a say in what angles or parts of the book you want to see represented. I'm very content with her work and will continue to work with her in the future! - Tina De Souter

Justina photographed our award winning museum catalogue series. She made usefull and aesthetic pictures of the set of books.
The coöperation was pleasant and professional.  She responded quick and understood what we wanted with these photo's. - Erica Terpstra (Anne Frank Huis)  
Justina took beautiful pictures of my publication with her own personal touch to the shots.
A mix between classical documentation and photos with a distinct character. I very much appreciated her eyes on my work. - Nicola Godman 

I loved working with you! You communicated very clearly about your process and the options, which I found great.
And I love the photos too! Thank you again. - Sara Bjarland