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Hello, my name is Justina Nekrašaitė, known as The Book Photographer.

Guided by a profound appreciation for prints, I am driven by the smell of ink, the diverse options of paper, and the elegance of foil and embossing.

I dive into capturing the special qualities of books, posters, and magazines, honoring their unique character along the way. It's like going on a adventure with each project. I approach each project with care, weaving empathy into every photoshooting, cherishing the essence and narrative each publication stands out.

Driven by commitment to growth, I constantly develop my craft, seeking for new perspectives and innovative posibilities to document prints. My goal is to create visual stories that resonate, evoke emotions and promote printing matter.

For further insights into my work or to discuss collaborations, I invite you to reach out.
Let's explore the world of print photography together.

13 June 2023
Interview with Bjorn Simmering (NL)