My name is Justina Nekrašaitė. I am a print photographer. I am driven by the smell of the ink, endless paper options, foil and embossing.

It is a beautiful and challenging journey to understand, capture and represent books, posters, magazines in their own character.

For more information on my work, regarding commissions feel free to get in touch.


Academie van Bouwkunst, A&DS photo magazine, Alauda Publications, 
Anne Frank House,
De Monsterkamer,
Dieuwertje Hehewerth,
Druckhaus Kothen GmbH,
Hanne Lamon fotografie,
Hapé Smeele,
Jacob Dwyer,
Karen Hackenberg,
Kristin Metho,
Lex Kortenoeven,
Michaël Snitker,
Paul Cupido,
Paul Gangloff,
Reynoud Homan,
Ricky Rijkenberg,
Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten,
Sara Bjarland,
...,staat creative agency,
Steve Dean Mendes,
Studio Asja Keeman, 
Studio Remco van Bladel,
Nina Glockner, 
Tina De Souter, 
Zwaan Lenoir,







I am very happy to work with you as you are listening to what I have in mind for the photography. At the same time you are suggesting alternative options based on each book project. It is always great to work with somebody who looks at a book with fresh eyes and finds the best way to make it shine. - Kristin Metho

First of all, it was a pleasure working with you on the book projects. I had the feeling you really listened to what I needed and what kind of photography style worked for me. You have a great sense of color and composition. I also appreciated that you kept me up-to-date about your progress and that you gave me enough time to look everything through before I made a decision on which photos I would like to use. The photos were of great quality. Overall, I am very happy to have been working with you and I will definitely come back with other projects. - Asja Keeman

I am always impressed with her detailed way of looking at a book, she has a unique way of capturing the physical characteristics of a book. The way you, as a client, are still involved in the selection of the images is also a plus. This way you also get a say in what angles or parts of the book you want to see represented. I'm very content with her work and will continue to work with her in the future! - Tina De Souter

Justina photographed our award winning museum catalogue series. She made usefull and aesthetic pictures of the set of books.
The coöperation was pleasant and professional.  She responded quick and understood what we wanted with these photo's. - Erica Terpstra (Anne Frank Huis)