Caroline Kist

Is that you are here?

Upon holding the book, I immediately sensed the depth of emotion the artists poured into this publication. The book stands out as being very poetic while maintaining remarkable solidity. Even when curtains decorate the cover, it feels as though they are lifted throughout the pages. The publication manages to capture vulnerability in a way that doesn't evoke pity, but rather inspires a profound sense of connection.⁣

The book emanates immense strength, and my desire was to emphasize with it, capture and showcase that strength in the best possible way. ⁣

In the end, we decided on a mix of backgrounds, allowing artists to use various images for different purposes. This approach aims to infuse dynamism and diversity into artists' future visual communications.

Author and client: Caroline Kist ⁣
Self-published ⁣
Editor: Nicole Segers, Karianne Bueno, Caroline Kist ⁣
Design: Renè Put & Britte Gootink⁣
Lithography: Marco Kokkelkoren ⁣
Print: Zwaanlenoir ⁣
Binder: Voetelink ⁣
Wednesday July 17 2024

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