Mark Alice Durant 

Summer of the White Fox, and After

Embarking on the documentation of "Summer of the White Fox, and After," by Mark Alice Durant commissioned by Luminosity Lab design studio, was a thrilling photoshooting that granted me the freedom to explore and express my creative vision.
The directive for a "Simple shoot with colored background" served as a canvas for my experimentation and innovation.

From the outset, I was determined to infuse the imagery with a sense of mystery, aiming to engage viewers and draw them deeper into the narrative. Inspired by the thematic elements of the book and the lush green tones it evoked, I selected Creative Papers by Antalis Keaykolour Meadow Shade as the backdrop, a choice that resonated seamlessly with the design aesthetic and the natural motifs within the story.

Crafting the lighting design was an important aspect of my approach, as I sought to create dramatic contrasts and shadows that mirrored the emotional depth of the narrative. The interplay of light and shadow became a tool for conveying the darkness and resilience portrayed within the pages of the book.

The resulting photographs serve not only as documentation but as visual interpretations of the story's essence, capturing the confusion of emotion and the beauty found amidst life's trials. Through my lens, "Summer of the White Fox, and After" is brought to life with a blend of poignancy and artistic expression, inviting viewers to embark on their journey of discovery.

Wednesday April 17 2024

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